Read the latest news about holograms, their applications and the future of 3D displays and advertising.

Hologramshologram production costs graphic

How Much Do Holograms Cost? (2024 Guide)

Have you ever wondered about the price tag behind the captivating and immersive holographic displays you have seen at events or in retail stores? Well, the costs of creating such advanced and highl...

Holographic Fanhow to build a 3d holographic led fan graphic

How to Build a 3D Holographic LED Fan in 5 Easy Steps

Are you eager to grasp attention and distinguish your business from the crowd? If so, consider creating and implementing a 3D Holographic LED Fan - an alluring piece of tech that generates mesmeriz...

Holographic Fanhow to use a hologram fan graphic

How to Use a 3D Hologram Fan: 5 Steps That Guarantee Results

Do you struggle to stand out from the sea of competitors in the retail market? In the crowded world of advertising, it is often challenging to command attention; however, technology has the answer....

Holographic FanDIY Hologram Fan Graphic

How to Build a DIY Hologram Fan at Home with Simple Steps

Ever wondered how you can fascinate your audience with mesmerizing 3D displays? From captivating retail displays to innovative advertising at trade shows, hologram fans are increasingly becoming th...


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Holographic FanHow to make hologram fan vidoes graphic

How to Make Hologram Fan Videos the Right Way

In a nutshell, making hologram fan videos involves: Selecting or creating engaging content for your video Adapting the video to the screen size and resolution of your fan Customizing video setting...

Hologramshologram car graphic

Hologram Car Technology: What Is It?

What is a 'Hologram Car'? In short, a hologram car utilizes advanced holography technology to either enhance the car's aesthetic appeal via hologram paint or to deliver critical information to the ...

Hologramshologram machine graphic

Hologram Machines: 5 Reasons Why You'll Love Them

Hologram Technology in a Nutshell: A Hologram Machine is a device that creates lifelike, three-dimensional images. The technology uses light in a special way to create the 3D effects. The applicat...

AdvertisingAdvertising in Retail Graphic - Lumina

Retail Advertising 101: Your Guide to Market Success

Ever wondered why certain retail stores are bustling with customers while others appear nearly deserted? The difference often lies in the effectiveness of their retail advertising strategy. Here's ...