Read the latest news about holograms, their applications and the future of 3D displays and advertising.

Hologram Projector3D Hologram Projector graphic - Lumina

The Best 3D Hologram Projectors on a Budget

Craving a futuristic edge to your displays or live performances without breaking the bank? You're in the right place. We're diving deep into the realm of 3D hologram projectors, affordable game-cha...

Hologram Projectortypes of hologram projectors

The 8 Types Of Hologram Projectors 2024

Curious about types of hologram projectors?  You'll learn about fan projectors for eye-catching advertising, immersive head-mounted models, and the fun of DIY holograms. Each type has its own place...

Hologram ProjectorHologram Projector for Beginners - LUMINA

What is a Hologram Projector: A Beginner's Guide

Have you ever wondered what a hologram projector is? It's a device that brings images to life in three dimensions, floating in mid-air. This technology is a step up from regular projectors that onl...

Hologram ProjectorHologram Projector Graphic - LUMINA

Hologram Projector Guide: Types, Uses, and Comparisons

Imagine stepping into a world where images float in mid-air and virtual objects appear right before your eyes. This is the world of hologram projectors, a realm where technology meets imagination. ...