L8 Holographic Fan 59"

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  • Display Diameter: 59 inches ~ 4.9 feet
  • Image Resolution: 2048x2512px
  • Warranty: 12-Months 
  • Mobile App Control on iOS/Android
  • Free 3D Video Library with 100's of animations ready to download
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Create your own impressive and visually mesmerizing 3D holographic illusions that appear to float in mid-air, captivating any audience and stopping them in their tracks. Viewable to the naked eye, these digital displays are able to create "3D holograms" by the precise timing of LED lights lining the blades of the fan. With quality and bright LED beads, images are highly visible in the light and dark delivering exceptional HD video quality in any setting. Set up and operation is easy with the use of our mobile app allowing the quick change and management of content with the tap of a finger. Use for your own entertainment, art, trade shows, events, advertising, education and more!

Free 3D video library with 100's of animations ready to download included when you make an order.


3D Holographic Effects: Watch as images come to life in 3D, floating in mid-air with stunning depth and realism that resembles a real-life hologram. Upload 3D videos from our video library or find videos to download from the internet. You can also make your own videos and display whatever you like. Use any software to make animations like Blender, Cinema 4D, Maya, Adobe AE, etc. or contact us and we can help turn any image into 3D.

2D Photo and Video: Upload regular images and video just like a regular monitor screen. Any video or image that can be used on a regular monitor can be displayed.

IOS/Android App Control: Take full control with the convenience of our dedicated iOS and Android mobile app. Easily upload and manage content directly from your smartphone allowing you to quickly change what you want to display on the fly.

Bluetooth for Audio: For a complete audio-visual experience connect to a Bluetooth speaker to output sound from your holographic fan.

Easy Assembly and Portability: A lightweight compact box and 5-10 minute assembly time keeps the setup hassle-free.

12-Month Warranty: With this warranty, any product purchased from us is protected against any manufacturing defects or malfunctions that may occur within the first year of use.

Supported File Formats: MP4, AVI, MOV, GIF, JPG, PNG

Package Contents

High Speed Motor: x1, LED Blade: x8, Wall Mount Screw: x4, Assembly Screw: x49, Power Adapter(AC100-130V, 50/60Hz): x1, Power Cord: x1, Wall Mount Bracket: x1, SD Card Reader: x1, Remote Control: x1, User Manual: x1, Protective Transport Case: x1, Box Key: x2

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Highest Quality: All of our products are made with extreme care and precision using the best materials. To guarantee the exceptional performance of our holographic fans, we subject each unit to rigorous testing. After initial assembly, each fan undergoes a comprehensive 24-hour continuous run time test. During this test, each individual product is thoroughly assessed for durability, functionality, and visual output. Our meticulous testing process ensures that only the most reliable and top-performing holographic fans make their way to your doorstep.