Read the latest news about holograms, their applications and the future of 3D displays and advertising.

AdvertisingAdvertising in Retail Graphic - Lumina

Retail Advertising 101: Your Guide to Market Success

Ever wondered why certain retail stores are bustling with customers while others appear nearly deserted? The difference often lies in the effectiveness of their retail advertising strategy. Here's ...

AdvertisingAdvertising Fan Features - Lumina

A Comprehensive Guide to 3D Advertising Fan Features

Are you tired of getting lost in the sea of traditional advertising methods? At this moment, you're likely thinking of ways to stand a cut above the rest in an increasingly competitive retail marke...

AdvertisingTrade Show Advertising | Lumina Fans

Trade Show Advertising: The Ultimate Guide

What if your booth could be more than just tables and posters? What if it could be a place where 3D images float in the air and every visitor feels like they're stepping into the future? We're open...

AdvertisingAdvertising Sign Graphic

Top 5 Advertising Sign Ideas: Don't Be Invisible

This article is your treasure map to five advertising sign ideas. They're not only eye-catching, they stick in your mind. Ready to dive into the exciting world of advertising that truly stands out?...


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AdvertisingSignage Advertising Graphic

Signage Advertising: Foot Traffic Solutions

Welcome to the world of signage advertising! This is a key way for businesses to get more people to visit. Think of signs as more than just showing information. They can actually draw in crowds, tu...

AdvertisingImage Advertising | Lumina

Image Advertising: Meaning, Examples, and Tips

Quick Facts about Image Advertising: Purpose: Build brand image and emotional connections. Method: Use of visuals, stories, and emotional appeal. Outcome: Enhanced brand recognition and loyalty...

AdvertisingRetail Advertising | Lumina Fans

Retail Advertising: 5 Unique Ways to Stand Out

In today's evolving retail advertising world, standing out is more important than ever. With many brands battling for consumer attention, unique and innovative advertising strategies are crucial to...

AdvertisingAdvertising with Lumina Fans

Hologram Advertising: Benefits and Strategies (2024)

Holographic advertising is not just a sci-fi concept anymore; it has become a reality that is changing the way brands communicate with their customers. It works by using light diffraction to create...